STA/ISPAL Cert in Swimming Pool & Spa Water Treatment

Candidates who have successfully completed the foundation may progress to the STA Certificate in Swimming Pool & Spa Water Treatment.

The Certificate in Swimming Pool and Spa Water treatment has been designed to provide information and reinforce the training necessary to reflect the most up to date requirements and standards for those employed in the management and operation of swimming pools and spa's water treatment equipment.

Entry Criteria:

  • Be 18 years of age, or older, at the time of examination.
  • Successful completion of the Foundation Certificate in Swimming Pool and Spa Water Treatment or equivalent.
  • Attend a course of instruction of 12 hours.
  • Satisfactory completion of Pre-course worksheet assignment.

Contact Time

12 hours.

Validity of Award

5 years.

Course Information

The Certificate in Swimming Pool & Spa Water Treatment covers:

  • The industry lead bodies and their recommendations and guidance.
  • Pollution and its removal from the Pool, Spa and associated Plant.
  • Understanding the principles of circulation and filtration.
  • The requirement for regular maintenance on circulation & filtration equipment.
  • Understanding why & how water removal from pools can cause entrapment hazards and how this threat can be reduced.
  • Understanding Swimming Pool ventilation and heating systems.
  • Understanding the principles of water treatment including pH, water balance and water testing.
  • Why microbiological testing is also required and when it is necessary.
  • Analysis and interpretation of readings leading to corrective action.
  • Methods for recording results and maintaining records.
  • Understanding the different types of residual disinfectants and their use in water treatment.
  • Understanding the use of non-residual disinfectants including Ozone and Ultra Violet.
  • Developing an understanding and awareness of current industry best practice, guidance and recommendations.
  • Understanding the principles of Health and Safety and the relevant statutes.
  • Best practice in relation to planned preventative action and troubleshooting.
  • Developing an understanding of the environmental implications of operating and managing Swimming Pools, Spa's and associated plant.
  • An understanding of how the hazards of electricity in pool and plant areas are managed.
  • How the threat of legionnaires and other diseases is controlled.


The qualification is assessed as set out below:

  • Completion of Pre-course Worksheet Assignment;
  • Satisfactory completion of the course manual;
  • Completion of end of course multi-choice paper consisting of 25 questions, each worth 1 mark, the pass mark is 18;
  • Undertake practical water testing, analysis and interpretation.


This qualification must be re-validated every 5 years. Regular on-going training and practice is essential. A Training Record Sheet is available upon request for you to record your regular training. The re-validation process will include completion of a pre-course questionnaire, attendance at a re-validation workshop, which will focus on the syllabus in force at the time, followed by an end of course presentation.

NB The STA/ISPAL Certificate in Swimming Pool & Spa Water Treatment supersedes the Foundation Qualification; therefore a candidate that holds both awards will not need to revalidate the Foundation qualification. A re-validation fee is payable to the STA.

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