Manual Handling

Avaiable From - November 2010

Manual Handling Training Passport & Information Scheme :



To provide an understanding of:

  • The basic principles of manual handling and Ergonomics

  • 24 hour back care;

  • Types of injuries, how they can occur and how they can possibly be avoided;

  • Legislation, relating to manual handling;

  • Risk assessments



  • To be able to perform a risk assessment, in relation to their own work environment;

  • To be able to understand and demonstrate the correct technique for sitting at a desk;

  • To be able to understand and demonstrate a safe warm up and stretching exercises and techniques;

  • To be able to understand and demonstrate the correct techniques for lifting, pulling and pushing;

  • To be able to identify incorrect handling techniques/practices and suggest more appropriate alternatives.


Entry Requirements


Be 16 years of age, or older, at the time of the examination.

Attend a course of instruction.

Be physically capable of fully participating in all aspects of the course.




Completion of the self test worksheets to the satisfaction of the course tutor.

Complete the practical sessions to the satisfaction of the tutor.

Achieve a minimum of 6 out of 8 questions to pass the final worksheet.


Contact Time

4 hours.




The Manual Handling Training Passport and Information Scheme qualification is valid for 2 years only.

If however the Employers risk assessment determines that there is a higher risk involved from manual handling in the working environment, then the training should be undertaken again after 12 months.

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